Krux Skateboard Trucks

Krux Trucks, a trailblazer in the skateboarding industry, has been redefining the standard since its inception. With a rich history rooted in passion and a commitment to pushing boundaries, Krux has earned its reputation as a go-to choice for skateboarders worldwide. Crafted with precision engineering and cutting-edge technology, Krux Trucks offer unparalleled responsiveness and control, allowing riders to unleash their full potential on the streets or at the park.

Regular price £74.95

Krux K5 Polished Standard Silver Skateboard Trucks 9"

Regular price £104.95

Krux DLK Skateboard Trucks Pac-Man Black/Multi 8"

Regular price £84.95

Krux Skateboard Trucks K5 Pro Enzo Cautela DLK Standrd White/Silver 8"

Regular price £89.95

Krux K5 DLK Standard Skateboard Trucks Pale Blue Pink 8"

Regular price £89.95

Krux DLK Trucks K5 Standard Skateboard Trucks Baby Blue 8"

Regular price £89.95

Krux DLK Trucks K5 Reverse Goth Standard Skateboard Trucks White 8"

Regular price £94.95

Krux X Stranger Things Skateboard Trucks K5 ST Code Red Standard Red 8"

Regular price £94.95

Krux Skateboard Trucks K5 FOS Eyes 2 DLK Standard Silver/Pink 8"

Regular price £84.95

Krux Skateboard Trucks K5 Chompers DLK Standard Blue/Silver 8.25"

Regular price £84.95

Krux Trucks K5 Pro Nora Dreams Standard Skateboard Trucks Multi 8"

Regular price £84.95

Krux Trucks K5 Chaz Ortiz DLK Standard Skateboard Trucks Silver 8.25"

Regular price £74.99

Krux K5 Polished Standard Silver Skateboard Trucks 8.25"

Regular price £94.95

Krux Skateboard Trucks K5 Cat Party 2 DLK Standard Silver/Orange 8"

Regular price £94.95

Krux X Stranger Things K5 Polished ST Crew Skateboard Trucks Silver 8.25"

Regular price £84.99

Krux Skateboard Trucks K5 Doodle Standard Silver 8.25"

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